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We are proud to have been selected as the sole supplier and distributor of Primetake bird scaring ammunition in the UK.

NWBC offers a full airfield audit which encompasses a free health check of your firearms, shotguns and pyrotechnics in order to give best advice on which product would best reduce your bird strike risks and costs.

We also offer full training on rifles, pistols, shotguns and pyrotechnics and have a full sales, servicing and maintenance package.

Expert training provided

Primetake’s 12G Birdscaring Cartridges have been specifically designed for airport bird control and are used at airfields and airports throughout the United Kingdom as well as leading airports around the world. They can be fired through a signal pistol sleeved to 12G or an unchoked shotgun.

The cartridge fires a sub-calibre projectile with delays from 1.3 to 4.0 seconds to give varying ranges. A loud report or continuous screech is given at the designated range. Range distances vary from 40m to 90m dependent on angle of fire and weather conditions.

NWBC offers expert advice on which Primetake ammunition would best suit your needs, call us today for more information.

"NWBC offers expert advice on what Primetake ammunition would best suit your needs"

Pistol Cartridges

Product PT Product Description Calibre
PT1000 12G Standard Bird Scaring Cartridge 12
PT1001 12G Screecher Cartridge 12
PT1006 Long Range Birdscaring Cartridge 12
PT1044 Extended Range Tracer BSC 12
PT1044B Extended Range Tracer BSC Rain Resistant 12
PT1002A Blank 3” 12

Shotgun Cartridges

Product PT Product Description Calibre
PT1006B Long Range Nitro Shotgun Cartridge 12
PT1008 12G Shotgun Screech 12

Signal Pistols

Product PT Product Description
PT9005B 26.5mm (1") Signal Pistol
PT9005D 38mm (1.5") Signal Pistol
PT9005Y Adaptor Proofed 26.5mm (1") to 12G
PT9005X Adaptor Proofed 38mm (1.5") to 12G
  PT9005H PT9005H12G Cleaning Kit for 26.5mm / 38mm Signal Pistol
  Signal Pistol Servicing Service and maintenance for Signal Pistols  

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